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When Craft Beer Meets Artistry

We strive to use local and best in class ingredients to brew The Artist’s beers. The water is sourced directly in a natural well from under the farm and the barley is sourced from local producers.

The beers are brewed with the best ingredients regardless of their cost to ensure we offer excellent and healthy craft beers.


Personalize your beer labels and enjoy unique moments with The Artist!

It’s Unique!

Personalize your 6 craft beer bottles with your best pictures and text!

It’s Arty!

Be an artist and join our world. Welcome at The Artist!

When Chocolate Meets Artistry

All our chocolates are handcrafted in Belgium. We use natural cacao from Ghana, Congo and Java. The other ingredients are from local suppliers to guarantee the best quality.

They Like Us Too!

A couple of words from some of our happy customers! See you soon at The Artist!

Mori Hoshino

The Beer and Chocolate are Delicious

Samson C H Cheung

Great products, I like the ​T​aste of the​ B​eers and the ​D​esign

Kimmy Shan Luk

​G​ot the ​Beer today and I love it. Thanks so much with a F​ast ​D​elivery and ​F​antastic ​P​roduct!

Vicky Chan

​The ​B​est Belgian ​B​eer and ​C​hocolate in Hong Kong. They are not just food and beverage. The Artist is an ​E​xperience.

Misteur Pi

Genuine Crafts and Fireworks in your palate ... what else ?!

Bianca Chan

My best friend received the box of chocolate that I sent him, and he loves it so much! Thank you very much and I really appreciate the service of your company. They are so nice and helpful!

Discover The Artist Heritage

We could have explained what’s inside this video but less is more; just watch it!

The Artist In Social Space