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They both started discussing HK and how great it was. They then discussed their passion for amazingly good Belgian craft beer.

The challenge to convince the Master Brewer and send samples to HK was agreed to that very same evening. One month later, Benjamin flew to HK to meet Olivier and the reaction following the “tasting party” in HK was unanimous; everybody wanted those beers in HK! As a creative way to thank their guests, Olivier & Benjamin sent a beer bottle with a polaroid of the crazy night stuck on the label… The concept was truly founded!
Bespoke best in class Belgian craft beers with modern branding!
We are The Artists of our production, our customers are The Artists of their customization!

Meeting a new cousin can sometimes lead to unexpected life changing events 😉

Mr Generous


The first cousin! The real entrepreneur

Olivier arrived in Hong Kong in the spring of 2014 with his wife and 2 year old daughter. He previously lived in Belgium where he founded a successful online sustainable food business. After selling his company in 2013, Olivier decided to tour Asia with his family for a year in search of their next home and his next professional challenge. They all fell in love with Hong-Kong and decided to call it home.

With a focus on quality and disruption, Olivier co-founded The Artist in 2014. He is today responsible for all marketing and online activities as well as product and business development.

Olivier tremendously enjoys Hong Kong’s wilderness and is a great golfer.

Mr Temptation


The second cousin! The true financier

Benjamin was born and grew up in Hong Kong and returned to Belgium at the age of 8. He started his career in the financial industry in the United Kingdom and after 5 years, decided he wanted to pursue his entrepreneurship goals and most of all, return to his home city, Hong-Kong.

Benjamin co-founded The Artist in 2014 and is today responsible for all financial and sales activities as well as product and business development.

A passion for sailing, nature and the city’s unique social scene, Benjamin always enjoys going out and meeting likeminded individuals!

They are both known among their friends and entourage for being great entertainers!

Discover our brewer

We spend a large amount of time with our brewer in Belgium and always enjoy sampling new flavors, new grains and learning about his world. We are truly proud to have the opportunity to work together and offer Belgium’s finest craft beer to the Hong Kong market. Because we believe he is very special, we would like to tell you more about him:

Discover our Brewer

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