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Artistry In Every Bottle

Artistry In Every Bottle

The Artist is an innovative premium belgian beer crafted by artists. Our craft beers are brewed in our belgian farm with the best ingredients and great brewing methods. Do you want to discover our beers?

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How do we create The Artist?Discover our brewing process in 8 steps

Our traditional brewing process and tedious selection of the best natural ingredients is the only way to obtain the unique character and fresh aroma of our beers. We are pleased to give you more insight about the brewing process. Are you ready?

Having a Great Start

To get started we need to do the following steps: Malting, Batter and Lautering. These steps ensure we have the finest ingredients for producing a high quality beer.

Duration: 7 days


Malting is the first step. The process consists of germinating barley, sourced in the neighboring fields to promote local agriculture, and letting it dry. The granules are then milled.

Duration: 2 hours


A mixture, made of batter of malt, wheat and water is placed in a tub. Various temperature rests activate different enzymes. The starch from the malt and wheat is converted into sugar.

Duration: 2 hours


This process separates the sweet solution (wort) from the grain residue. The wort is then sent to the boiling cauldron and the insoluble grain residue is converted in a source of energy using the biomethanization process.

Mixing with great care

After preparing the ingredients, we need to mix them with great care. A thorough control of the process is essential!

Duration: 75 minutes


To sterilize the batter, we warm the wort in the cauldron also called a copper. During the boiling phase, 2 types of hops are added.

Lasts 8 to 10 days

High fermentation

By adding yeast, the sugars are converted into alcohol, carbon dioxide (CO2) and heat. The Artist beers are fermented at 23°C.


The last stage of the process is essential to ensure a great quality beer. Once that is completed the Artist beers are ready to be shipped to you!

Duration: 8 days


We let the beer cool to 0°C. We then send it to lowering tanks using a centrifuge to remove the yeast.


The Artist beer is now finally ready to be poured into its bottles.

Meet the true Artist -
Benoit our Master Brewer


Story of BENOIT


Benoit Humblet is the founder of the Brewery. He is a brewing engineer and has been working in the industry for over 35 years. In the 90s, he launched the brewery Val-Dieu, a Belgian brewery producing beer in an Abbey in Eastern Belgium.

The Brewery, located on a farm in southern Belgium, has foundations going back to the 14th century (1343) and has been restored to the highest standards to host one of the most modern mid-size breweries in Belgium.

Benoit strives to use local and best in class ingredients to brew The Artist’s beers. The water is sourced directly in a natural well under the farm and the barley is sourced from local producers. The beers are brewed with the best ingredients regardless of their cost to ensure we offer excellent and healthy craft beers.