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Our Artisan Chocolate

The Artist offers chocolates handcrafted in Belgium by one of the most talented artisan. Our cacao is handf-picked and our ingredients sourced from local suppliers to ensure the best quality. Do you want to taste our chocolate collection?



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At The Artist we are very meticulous about the quality of our chocolate. Not only do we strive to source the best ingredients but we are also aiming to do most of the preparation manually. This traditional method allows us to control every single step and deliver some of the best Belgian chocolates you can find.


We go to great lengths to make sure we are using the exact ingredients we need. This means searching far and wide for the perfect blend. Once located, ingredients are handpicked to narrow down to the best.

Cacao selection

The cacao used for The Artist chocolates is primarily grown in the Ivory Coast but also in Ghana or South America. Various cacaos can be blended to create unique flavors and notes.

Harvesting the cacao

First of all, the cacao pods are harvested. The ripe cacao pods are hand-picked to avoid damaging the youngest ones.


We are looking for the perfect blend. We want you to savor all of our flavors and we believe the perfect blend is key to truly appreciate our unique chocolate.

Roasting and grinding

The beans are then roasted and grinded into pure cocoa liquor.

Mixing and conching

The cocoa liquor is mixed with other chocolate ingredients such as milk or sugar, mostly sourced locally in Belgium. The conching process then enables the cocoa to be evenly kneaded and its flavors to blend perfectly.

Secret Recipe

Once arrived in our chocolate factory, the ingredients are carefully weighed and proportioned according to our unique recipes.


The Artist chocolates are finally unveiled during these final steps. From the molding to the filling, our artisan demonstrates his very best skills.

Chocolate Shell

The Artsit moulds are then filled with a thin chocolate layer and stored in a fridge, where the chocolate becomes hard and creates the shell of our pralines.


The moulds are then filled with our bespoke fillings and placed once again in the refrigerator.

Closing up

Finally, a thin chocolate layer covers the bottom of the pralines to close it up. When the chocolates are hard enough, they are taken out of their molds, packed and ready to be enjoyed!

Artisan Chocolatier


Story of LIO


Lionel Focant is the real deal. He has been trained by the most recognized Maitre Chocolatier and Patissier in Europe. In 2008, he decided to launch his own chocolate factory in Belgium and since then has won several awards such as the “Pralines of the Belgium Queen Mathilde” in 2013. In addition, he had the honor of being the official Belgian chocolatier during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Lio is well know to innovate with his flavors and techniques: as an example, he developed a range of evening dresses entirely made of chocolate!

His passion for chocolate and his determination to innovate with flavors or shapes makes him one of the most talented and sought after young chocolatiers in Belgium. We love his creativity and Lio is proud to offer some of the best Belgian chocolates to the Hong Kong market. Lio insists on utilizing natural ingredients to obtain excellent chocolate with the best quality.